Frequently Asked Questions

iCloud Bypass with Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool (scroll down for other FAQ)

Q: How does the bypass work for the iPad 2?

A: ALL MODELS of the iPad 2 can no longer be downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 because the firmware is not signed. (The untethered method used to involve downgrading to 6.1.3 and then updating to ios 8.4.1, but sadly this is no longer possible.) The bypass is still 100% functional but since 6.1.3 is not an option, our only choice is to stay on 9.3.5. Jailbreaking on 9.3.5 is impossible because Cydia Impactor detects that the device is iCloud Bypassed and throws an error. THEREFORE, THE iPAD 2 BYPASS IS TETHERED FOR ALL MODELS! "Tethered" means every time you restart, power off, or leave Wi-Fi turned on overnight, the device will return to the activation lock screen and require a re-bypass using the Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool. However, after you pay once, your serial number will be registered forever, so you can re-bypass as many times as you want. This is still a viable bypass solution, just not the same as it used to be.

Q: If I restore the device with iTunes, will the iCloud come back? Will it be gone forever?

A: Everything I do on my channel is about iCloud BYPASS, NOT icloud unlock. A bypass does NOT remove iCloud from Apples servers, only your device. IF you restore the device back to factory settings either with iTunes or OTA it will become locked again! (However, with my iCloud service for the Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool, your serial number is registered FOREVER so you can always re-bypass!)

Q: I get a white popup when I click on the bypass button

A: Read the troubleshooting guide on the iCloud Bypass page.

Q: Will I recieve an email when my serial registration is complete?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I update to iOS 9.3.5 after I finish the process?

A: Do NOT upgrade! If you go past iOS 8.4.1 you will lose the ability to jailbreak, and will be reinstalled. For the iPad 2, this will create a tethered bypass. For the iPhone 4s, you will have to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3 and start over. Phoenix JB does NOT work on bypassed devices.

Q: How can I get a refund?

A: Email me with a reason for the refund and a picture of your error message/relevant information. All refunds will be processed in 0-2 days.

MDM Bypass

Q: iBackupBot is not recognizing my device OR I get an error when connecting to iBackupbot. What can I do?

A: Turn off Passcode and Find my iPhone. Let your device sit on the home screen and click "trust this computer" when prompted.

Q: I used iBackupbot to remove the MDM profile on my iPhone/iPad/iPod. Will the profile come back if I restore or update?

A: This is not a 100% permanant solution. Restoring/updating your device will prevent you from setting up your iDevice UNTIL you REINSTALL the profile. Sometimes you cannot reinstall the profile after a restore, which prevents you from activating your device, so my advice is simple: DO NOT UPDATE OR RESTORE. Just stay on whatever iOS version you have.

Q: If I remove MDM will the company be notified?

A: It depends on who/what is managing your device. Usually not, but its happened before.

Q: How do I bypass the MDM login screen?

A: Watch this: Video

Q: When I reset my device after bypassing with will it be locked again?

A: Yes, but your UDID/serial will be registered to the server forever. If you need to restore, just connect your device to your computer and use the tool to bypass again!

Custom Firmware Bypass (CFW)

Q: I tried to restore your CFW over 10 times and I got error 14 or error 80. How do I fix it?

A: THERE IS NO FIX. Error 14/80 is an ASR failure code. ASR is what verifies all restores to apple devices. If you get this error more than 10 times, your device is not compatible. Devices that are compatible have NAND chips that easily get corrupted. Most devices, however, will require an exploit. EXPLOITS CANNOT BE FOUND UNLESS YOU ARE A DEVELOPER.

Q: What are ASR/iBEC/iBSS Patches and why cant I use them to fix error 14/80 when restoring a Custom Firmware?

A: In order to apply these kinds of patches, you must decrypt the ramdisk (inside the ipsw), which is encrypted even on iOS 10. Once you decrypt the ramdisk and patch ASR, there is no possible way to encrypt it back. To restore a decrypted ramdisk is nearly impossible without an EXPLOIT.

Q: How to fix the network on an iCloud bypassed device?

A: It is impossible to fix the network/no service without ROOT access to your device. ROOT access is obtained by a jailbreak or a bootrom exploit, such as Limera1n for the iPhone 4. If your iCloud bypassed iPhone is not the iPhone 4 and cannot be jailbroken, then the network cannot be fixed. Even with ROOT access it is tricky, because you need to create a fake activation ticket. Maybe in the future I will make a video on this topic.