Frequently Asked Questions

General iCloud Bypass FAQ (scroll down for other topics)

Q: How does the bypass work for the iPad 2?

A: ALL MODELS of the iPad 2 can no longer be downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 because the firmware is not signed. (The untethered method used to involve downgrading to 6.1.3 and then updating to ios 8.4.1, but sadly this is no longer possible.) The bypass is still 100% functional but since 6.1.3 is not an option, our only choice is to stay on 9.3.5. Jailbreaking on 9.3.5 is impossible because Cydia Impactor detects that the device is iCloud Bypassed and throws an error. THEREFORE, THE iPAD 2 BYPASS IS TETHERED FOR ALL MODELS! "Tethered" means every time you restart, power off, or leave Wi-Fi turned on overnight, the device will return to the activation lock screen and require a re-bypass using the Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool. This is still a viable bypass solution, just not the same as it used to be.

Q: Why does my device show the apple logo/black screen after deleting with Sliver?

A: This is one of the most common mistakes people make. For the ramdisk/ssh exploit to work properly, you need to RESTORE the device (with either 3utools or iTunes) and go into DFU mode IMMEDIATELY after the restore is complete! Basically, just keep your eye on the device for the entire restore and the very second that iTunes or 3utools says NEW or Your Device Has Been Reset to Factory settings, IMMEDIATLEY ENTER DFU MODE! Then launch Sliver, enter pwned DFU mode, and load the ramdisk. The extremely common mistake is to let your device boot all the way up to the setup screen after restoring, or some people think they can just skip the restore entirely and still use Sliver, so please dont do this or you will get the black screen.

Q: If I restore the device with iTunes, will the iCloud come back? Will it be gone forever?

A: Everything I do on my channel is about iCloud BYPASS, NOT icloud unlock. A bypass does NOT remove iCloud from Apples servers, only your device. IF you restore the device back to factory settings either with iTunes or OTA it will become locked again!

Q: Can I jailbreak iOS 10.3.3/10.3.4 after bypassing with Sliver or the custom ramdisk method?

A: Apple patched sideloading on iCloud Bypassed devices for all versions higher than iOS 8, so there is no known way to install H3lix on 10.3.4. If you want to downgrade to iOS 8, then install h3lix and update back to 10.3.4 you can jailbreak, however, this only works for the iPhone 5 and iPad 4. The iPhone 5c has no 8.4.1 OTA blobs. I already tried copying it to the root applications folder, but there is no signature so the app crashes. It is certainly possible that someday a jailbreak will be achieved through SSH, like geeksn0w for the iPhone 4, but currently no one has developed it. I am an iCloud Bypass developer, not a jailbreak developer.

Q: How can I bypass A5 devices

A: The ipwndfu exploit does not support A5 devices yet, but this is my biggest goal and as soon as it gets released I will add support to Sliver for all A5 devices

Q: Will there ever be a bypass for the iPhone XS/11/12...

A: Not unless someone discovers another bootrom exploit like checkm8.

Q: What is the best way to contact Apple Tech 752 for one-on-one help with iCloud Bypass?

A: I am the moderator, u/appletech752. Send me a pm and give me an interesting reason to respond and if you catch me at the right time I will chat with you and do whatever is necessary to fix your problem. Even though I have 50,000 subscribers you can still reach me. Or just make a community post (do NOT use the word icloud bypass on Reddit) and others will help you out right away. The r/setupapp sub is full of geniuses who are much much smarter than the ones who work at Apple and there are literally people online 24/7 waiting to solve interesting bypass problems.

MDM Bypass

Q: iBackupBot is not recognizing my device OR I get an error when connecting to iBackupbot. What can I do?

A: Turn off Passcode and Find my iPhone. Let your device sit on the home screen and click "trust this computer" when prompted.

Q: I used iBackupbot to remove the MDM profile on my iPhone/iPad/iPod. Will the profile come back if I restore or update?

A: This is not a 100% permanant solution. Restoring/updating your device will prevent you from setting up your iDevice UNTIL you REINSTALL the profile. Sometimes you cannot reinstall the profile after a restore, which prevents you from activating your device, so my advice is simple: DO NOT UPDATE OR RESTORE. Just stay on whatever iOS version you have.

Q: If I remove MDM will the company be notified?

A: It depends on who/what is managing your device. Usually not, but its happened before.

Q: How do I bypass the MDM login screen?

A: Watch this: Video

Q: When I reset my device after bypassing with will it be locked again?

A: Yes, but your UDID/serial will be registered to the server forever. If you need to restore, just connect your device to your computer and use the tool to bypass again!

Custom Firmware Bypass (OLD)

Q: I tried to restore your CFW over 10 times and I got error 14 or error 80. How do I fix it?

A: THERE IS NO FIX. Error 14/80 is an ASR failure code. ASR is what verifies all restores to apple devices. If you get this error more than 10 times, your device is not compatible. Devices that are compatible have NAND chips that easily get corrupted. Most devices, however, will require an exploit like ipwndfu.

Q: What are ASR/iBEC/iBSS Patches and why cant I use them to fix error 14/80 when restoring a Custom Firmware?

A: In order to apply these kinds of patches, you must decrypt the ramdisk (inside the ipsw), which is encrypted even on iOS 10. Once you decrypt the ramdisk and patch ASR, there is no possible way to encrypt it back. To restore a decrypted ramdisk is nearly impossible without an EXPLOIT. It is however possible with ipwndfu thanks to axi0mx.