NOTE: I am in the process of fixing my downloads because MEGA terminated my account. If a link takes you to a broken MEGA page, know that it will be fixed soon.
Thank you for your patience!

The links below are downloads for tools and programs for iCloud bypassing and iOS hacking. Make sure to share this around; it is free for anyone to access!

checkra1n version 0.9.2

Succession deb file

13.3 iCloud Bypass (MAC files)

iOS 13.3+ iCloud Bypass Tool (WINDOWS)

AT752 iOS 13.3 Bypass Package (The OLD package with iFunbox and Python installers)

iPhone 5/5c/iPad4 Bypass Package (AppleTech752)

12.2 - 13.2.3 One-click Bypass Software (iCloudBypassCA)

Checkra1n iCloud Bypass Package (iOS 12.2 to 13.2.3)

Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool V3 (for iPad 2 iCloud Bypass)

iCloudOFF Backup v1 (activated devices ONLY)

Dr Fone Switch (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)

3u tools (for iOS 11 iCloud Bypass)

Xampp Files (For Bypassing iCloud in iTunes)

MDM Bypass Tools

iPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3 iPSW (for downgrading and iCloud Bypassing)

Evasi0n7 OS X (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)

Evasi0n7 WINDOWS (Jailbreak tool for iOS 7.x.x)

CFW Bypass Tools (for CFW iCloud Bypass)

libimobiledevice MinGW Build (best for CFWs and downgrades)

Redsn0w (Good for retrieving ICIDs, DFU mode, and older jailbreaks)

Firmware keys and ipsw downloads

DMG extract/build tool OS X (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)

DMG extract/build tool WINDOWS (for iOS 9 and below, iOS 10 is already decrypted)

SSH Ramdisk Tool (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)

WinSCP (Windows only) (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)

RecBOOT OS X (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)

RecBOOT WINDOWS (For iPhone 4 iCloud bypass)

TinyUmbrella (GREAT for saving shsh blobs!)

Geeksn0w v.2.9 (One click iCloud bypass and jailbreak for iPhone 4!)

My iPhone 4s CFW for iOS 9.3.5 (Not compatible with all devices, I am not responsible for restore errors.)

Free IMEI iCloud checker (An alternative to Apples long gone activation lock status tool)

CopyTrans Manager (For free music without iTunes)